Dar al-Islam of Boston
Dar al-Islam of Boston
Allah calls to the Home of Peace (Paradise) -- واللهُ يَدعُو إلى دارِ السَّلامِ


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About Us

Dar Al-Islam of Boston, Inc. (DIB) helps Muslims fulfill their obligatory Juma'a Prayers ever Friday in Downtown Boston. DIB started organizing the Friday congregation in December 1999. Its sole objective is to provide a convenient prayer place in Downtown Boston to enable Muslims fulfill their obligation.

Prior to the establishment of this organization, Muslims working in the Downtown Boston area had no place to perform their obligatory Friday prayers in a congregation. On average, 300 - 350 people attend the weekly congregation. The prayers currently take place in the hall at:

Cathedral Church of St. Paul
138 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02111

The organization provides an exclusively religious activity. The organization has no membership and is open to all Muslims. The congregation is also open to the general public for observation. The organization has no employees. The organization’s only source of financial support is voluntary donations from the congregation attendees.